Dragon Fire Ignition

  • Small size
  • Reliable ignition
  • Increased visibility
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The entire Dragon Fire Ignition product line uses the same advanced-engineered one inch plastic spheres made of high impact polystyrene known as Dragon Eggs. They contain a high-grade potassium permanganate powder and, when injected with glycol, cause a chemical reaction and a 20-40 second delayed ignition, depending on ambient temperature.

The ignition consists of a sustained flame with ‘flare-like properties’ burning for approximately two minutes and allowing fire propagation to effectively take place during burn operations.

Dragon Eggs have a number of distinct advantages which include:

  • Ignition reliability (100%)
  • Multi-colored casing to increase visibility (easy to spot)
  • Smaller size (see below)
  • Can be used with the revolutionary next generation RED Dragon or GREEN Dragon ground launcher.


  • Their smaller size still delivers the same amount of active ingredient as previous spheres but allows twice as many spheres for the same volume which reduces helicopter flight time.
  • The unique size of the Dragon Eggs creates less drag during free-fall resulting in a 20% higher drop velocity compared to other plastic spheres. This increases drop accuracy in all types of wind conditions and improves forest canopy penetration.
  • Dragon Egg size allows for increased hopper capacity resulting in longer mission times for both the RED and GREEN Dragons, while improving overall reliability and logistical operations.
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