Pryo Shot

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The Pyroshot HS is a gas-propelled, trigger-activated, plastic sphere hand-launcher. Compatible with Dragon Eggs, the Pyroshot HS uses a 20 lb. CO2 beverage bottle to fire upwards of 100 m (320 ft.) @ 135 psi. It’s portable, safe and very easy to use.

The primary function of the Pyroshot HS is to replace the use of drip torches for ground ignition operations. It’s a labor-saving, barrier defeating device – designed to allow the operator to place spot fire at a location that may be difficult or impossible to do with a torch. Ditches, canals, creeks, bogs, briars, fences, thickets and deep drainages are just some of the terrain features that the Pyroshot HS can help you avoid entering but still ignite.

Since there is no open flame, the Pyroshot HS can safely be used in areas where a drip torch may present a hazard and it can launch from a variety of platforms. ATVs, four wheelers and airboats have already been used to dispense Dragon Eggs using the Pyroshot HS.

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